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Chrystal_Liena's Journal
Anon Thank Yous
What the Fluff Event - 2013

-Haiku Anon - Zombie's Meaty Limb
XXXXXYum Yum heart

-The Tea Goddess - Ornith Schoolboy
XXXXXThank you emotion_kirakira

-Hollow - Glittering Coal Carnival Beret
XXXXXThanks heart

Sharkpocalypse! Mini Event - 2013

-Phantom Anon - Black CHOMP! Board Shorts
Sharks were everywhere. Gasping for air, you clutched your side as you sought protection in a fashion shop's small alcove. You could hear sirens in the distance and around you cars were abandoned. The entire street seemed abandoned. You had been running for a long time now. Trying to avoid the sharks. Sharks of all things! Out of the water and flying through the air as the result of a tornado. You shook your head in disbelief: this was like some bad plot line for a Syfy movie.

Taking one last beautiful breath of air, you began to run once more. You became separated from your friends, but you knew where they were heading. A large shadow loomed over you and your heartbeat, already fast from running, doubled in speed to a point that it was painful. You looked up and confirmed your fears. A shark was flying straight towards you, its mouth open to reveal a deadly sharp grin of teeth. It was going to hit you; you knew this with absolute certainty.

A cold hand gripped your arm and you felt yourself being pulled into an alleyway. Disoriented from the sudden direction change, you almost slipped and fell. Behind you, the shark zoomed passed and you could hear the loud smash of a car getting bludgeoned.

"Are you all right?"

You looked up at your savior and shakily nodded. It was a girl just barely fourteen or fifteen. Her hair was the color of the white foam from waves and her eyes as blue as the morning sky. You thanked her and she smiled.

"As crazy as it seems, be careful of the flying sharks." The girl laughed a little at the absurdity of her statement, but she became serious as she spoke once more, "Good luck out there."

With that, she darted into the street and danced around the debris. It seemed she had a destination to go to as well. For a moment, you gathered your breath and waited for your hands to stop trembling. Taking one last breath, you began to run once more.

XXXXXThanks heart

-The Lightbringer Anon - Fluff n' Stuff Grey Shark Costume
You do your best to remain afloat in the water. The shoreline is just ahead, but your strength has begun to fail you. You suffered a near fatal shark bite to the abdomen, and have lost more blood than you think a person could afford to. You do your best to keep feebly stroking forward, desperately giving it your all to reach the shore, but alas...you feel the last of your strength fade away, and begin to limply float at the water's surface; Unable to move on.

You look around yourself, and though your vision may be blurred there is no mistaking the distinct shapes of fins circling around you. Your blood loss not only drained you of your life, but it acted as shark bait, grabbing the attention of every shark in miles of where you were initially bitten. You feel like all is lost...that this is the end for you. You get ready to accept your fate...when suddenly a bright light shines brilliantly over the water. You think to yourself "This is the end...it must be the infamous 'Light at the end of the tunnel' you always hear about". You close your eyes, getting ready to feel yourself go, when you hear the sound of loud fervent splashing. Your eyes slowly open, as you make an attempt to see what's going on. You can barely make out the figure of a hooded man, enveloped in the light, fighting off the sharks that once surrounded you. You do your best to call out to him, but cannot find the strength to do so. You have no choice but to watch a stranger risk life and limb for you.

You watch in complete agony, both from the pain of your shark-induced lacerations and the worry for this stranger in the hood. You desperately try to find the energy to help, but all efforts fail. "Don't waste your energy!" the hooded man shouts to you as he delivers a powerful kick to one sharks jaw. "Just try to hold on! I'll get you out of here!" Finally, with a forceful punch, the last shark is warded away by the mystery man, and you are, for the most part, safe in the water.

The man in the hood slowly looms closer to you. You are relieved to see that, even through your blurred vision, he has all of limbs. You try to thank him, but all you can muster is a pained squeak. The man begins to gently lift you up out of the water, and props you up against himself. For some reason, you cannot see any boat or raft beneath the man. All your eyes perceive is a man in a hood, holding you up, as he levitates a few feet above the water. You try to focus your gaze, expecting to see some kind of clear bottom raft, but are both astonished and confused when you see some kind of levitating platform made of what you can only describe as light holding him up.

"Don't worry" the man whispers to you. "You'll make it, I promise". You see the shore gradually draw closer and closer...but your vision begins to grow darker and darker...you try to reach out for the land one last time just before you go limp and your vision fades to nothing but darkness...

"Wakey wakey!" you hear a voice echo in your ears as you slowly regain consciousness. "Come on! You're fine now. Wake up already, Sleeping Beauty!"

You open your eyes and see a doctor, standing above you with a smile.

"Good! So you are alive! I get to add this to the score board!" the strange man declares in triumph.

You look around, dazed and confused. The last thing you remembered was a man in a hood saving you from sharks, then nothing else.

"I'm sure you're wondering what's going on" the doctor says to you in a jovial tone. "Well you see, you were badly injured, I'm talking shark bites out the wazoo! Oh you should have seen it, such a bloody mess, I had to use all my Oxy clean to get it off the floors and--" the Doctor stops himself and stares at you, before clearing his throat and resuming. "Ahem...anyways, I went ahead and patched you all up. I also gave you some vitamins to help restore your energy and some supplements to replenish your body's blood. You'll be just fine now, don't you worry! Also I promise that I didn't, in any way shape or form, conduct experiments on you while you slept!" You can't help but eye the doctor with suspicion, but he simply laughs and hands you a box.

"Oh, I almost forgot! The man who brought you here left this behind. Said something about hoping it would ease the trauma a little or something...? Whatever, I don't care! I have experiments to run, thank you very much! Feel free to see yourself out when you feel ready to leave" and with that, the bizarre doctor leaves you alone in the room, with a mysterious blue box.

You look at the box in your hands, and let out a sigh. You're sick of being confused, but decide that it would be best not to question things anymore. You find a card on the box and begin to read it to yourself.

"Whether it is the shadows or other forms of danger, know that you have a watchful protector keeping an eye on you, making sure you're safe. May you rest easy tonight."

Your guardian,
The Lightbringer Anon

XXXXXThanks for the swimming buddy heart

Halloween 2k13

-Silvermoon (anon) - Rich Copper Slinky Split Dress
For thy promise bewailed
By her raven eyes
By her beauty and a scarlet sunrise
May thy river bury her silver tears
A fallen angel... enshrined in moonlit seas

Leaving vitality
So serene breeds my darkness
Entreating winter winds
Though I leave... I embrace thee

Conceal thy precious angel lore
I secrete my soul
Under thy wings of sorrow
Dark I embrace thy eyes
Wander lost on life's narrow path
I reveal my heart
To this beauty dressed in dark

When my shadows devotedly cast
My moon will rise with lost

Grieving raven eyes
Falls asleep with the sunrise
Delightful midsummer breeze
Though I leave... I await thee


XXXXXThank You heart

-Anon - Giant Brown Eyeball
CUTE & DANGEROUS aren't you?

XXXXXWhy yes, yes I am emotion_kirakira

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