So last night I had this ******** up dream. It reminded me of Harry Potter a little but don't get bored, hear this out.

I had two friends which i don't remember the names of but one of them was my best friend. We all went to this school and I remember visions of us hanging around, going to classes. having good memories together. Then one day there was this war and unfortunately this war spread to our school. All of our parents came to the school to try and protect us but how unfortunate we had to be on a very high cliff. we tried to protect each other and stay together but when we were told to get into the plane something went wrong. the plane got fired at and it was our families holding onto us. i remember in the dream we got separated and some of us even killed. The next thing I know, I am in Italy and my family are in hiding. I cried and cried for my friends and my long lost relatives. We tried to live normal lives but we just couldn't cope. I found out later where my friends were being kept. I worked part time jobs to finally save enough money to go find them. When I had enough I went to London to find my first friend. whom she gladly recognized me and took me in for a few days. we both reminisced about the old days and not long after, we said our goodbyes. I was looking forward to seeing my best friend who was residing in a cabin in the snowy woods. i wasn't sure where but I managed to find her. When I did i went up to her but she seemed to not recognize me at all. I cried. It seemed like the loss of one of her parents was too much for her too handle and that she had went insane from the war and from loss. I egged her to remember me but it was no use. Soon I was asked to leave her house because it was too much for both her and one of her parents to handle. I went home depressed, back to Italy and cried. I got depressed and lost all hope in the world. Soon my parents couldn't handle me, the loss of our family or our new surroundings at all. After my mother committed suicide, my father did the same and left me to rot and starve.

well that was the most depressing, real life feeling dream I've ever had ever. So unfortunate that I had to share and depress you all but that is honestly the most heart braking dream I've ever had. I hope its the last.

Thanks guys for the read razz