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Nehn's Backstory
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Nehn'suledin is a 19 year old elven wizard boy. He lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of Barton Town near the edge of a dark, mystical forest. He and his grandmother used to live there together, but his grandmother died when he was 13, and for six years he's lived alone. She was the one who first taught him to control and hone his magical powers, and after she died he struggled to cope with her loss. Now studying what magic he can at home, Nehn is a quiet boy who enjoys tending to his garden, talking to his animal friends, and practicing healing magic.

Around the time of his grandmother's death, Nehn wandered into the forest and accidentally indebted himself to the mischievous fairies residing there. From fall to winter, Nehn is now cursed to wander the forest as a spirit. As the forest's protector, he has been tasked with ridding the forest of a malevolent lupine entity. This poltergeist plagues the land, intent on bringing chaos and ruin to all it encounters.

-Nehn is not related to the Kuro clan. As such he was never effected by the curse and is not a dark elf.
-Nehn enjoys making small trips into Barton Town for food and magical supplies.
-He owns a pet turtlenie named Theo (among other animals).
-Nehn earns a modest amount of money employing his healing magic as a freelance veterinarian. He also sells fruits and vegetables from his garden, will heal people if called upon, and occasionally does odd magical jobs.
-Nehn is a trans boy. He was assigned female at birth but identifies as male.
-He is gay and has a bit of a crush on Ian from Barton Boutique.
-Nehn is terrified of vampires (and has no idea that Ian is one). Nehn is out-of-the-loop on a lot of current events since he doesn't visit town all that often.
-He's a bookworm and loves the Harry Potter books.
-If he was in Harry Potter his Hogwarts house would be Hufflepuff and his patronus would be a Mountain Hare (he's basically me as an elf rolleyes ).
(i came up with his name by squishing together the names of two of my dragon age characters)

Full Name: Nehn'suledin Surana
Also known as: Nehn
Gender: Male (transgender)
Occupation: Freelance Veterinarian and Healer
Race: Elf
Age: 19
Date of Birth: October 9
Place of Birth: Unknown
Current Residence: Outskirts of Barton
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Sexual orientation: Gay

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