August 2020

It did not take me years to come back to this as it turns out ... just one month
funny how a pandemic and being stuck at home will keep me online and doing things under normal circumstances I might have given up on by now - or well not given up so much as taken a break from.

The reason I decided to come back, I was looking through my old entries in this journal and noticed I'd done a lot of wardrobe entries which, as far as posterity is concerned gives an interesting point of reference - far as what we use now and just how much of a basic outfit back in the day was taken from the gaian shops. I mean it was rare to own a special item and only if you were lucky enough to be REALLY good at something or REALLY stubborn - fishing, games, economy - or you were popular enough that people just gave you s**t .... or you straight up bought monthly envelopes. Anyway, if you've been here more than 10 years you remember those days - it was tough. Now there are tons of freebies and RIGs and stuff ... i was thinking i might go back redo some of those outfits since all the images are gone (RIP tektek)
anyway, I just felt like yammering on about this for some damned reason ... but Im already bored with typing - without making much of a point except id like to come back and recreate those old outfits if i can - not sure i have all the items still ... but ill try.

Ill be back for that another time though .... my roommate is screeching at me to come watch a movie i agreed to.
I can't listen to another second of the news .... GOD Trump is a treasonous piece of s**t - how has he not been arrested/charged yet? just sayin