Okay! Today, I finally caved and purchased a bar of shampoo from Ethique (yay!). It won't arrive for awhile, which is totally fine because I still have my Lush bar shampoo and a bit of stuff from the supermarket to go through.

However, I feel like I should buy a soap dish that has actual holes, hence I'm still debating whether or not to place that AE order. For some reason, the 'cheaper' set of bamboo toothbrushes I was going to buy skyrocketed in price due to shipping fees, so I removed it from my cart and selected another store's.

The plan right now is - buy the soap dish very soon, wait until the second batch of scrunchies arrives in the mail (I think it's still sitting on a grounded plane somewhere), then order the bamboo toothbrushes from the more expensive store (that has faster shipping).

I'm also looking at getting reusable makeup pads (I would use them for my toner) off of Etsy, and a set of those beeswax wraps (since I do use a lot of plastic wrap for my morning oatmeal). However, zero-waste Reddit claims the beeswax things are actually pretty useless, so we're not 100% solid on that plan.

I also kind of want to buy a container of the ... spreadable face mask thingy ... from the store I order my toner from, since they gave me a sample of it and it reminded me of how much I liked it in the past lol.

Ah, excessive shopping... So much for trying to budget. If the mall's closed, apparently I won't buy clothes but will instead buy random skincare products and household items. Speaking of which, still freaking waiting for the mall to reopen so I can reclaim my $60 from American Eagle!