Yeah. I caved and placed an order on Etsy.

It was only 33 bucks. Only. That's like, one week of groceries, or two bowls of ramen if we're splurging. It's okay. It's okay! Treat yo self. I bought eco-friendly products too! Good for the earth and all that. Reusable sponge [x2] and unpaper towels [x8]. Caved because I really wanted the sponge, and because I feel like I've wasted so many paper towels wiping the dirt off mushrooms and drying spinach.

In terms of work, I finally finished with the biquad. Holy crap. I gotta do the power down simulations this week before the meeting with my supervisor on Friday. Yikes. Too soon.

I also really want to shower, but my roommate just got out of the shower and there is likely 0% hot water left. Big sad yo.

A note to my future self, but when I move out, take the old sublet's brita filter and not the one I bought in first year. It's less disgusting.