if they don't charge every a*****e who went to the Capitol and breached entry or stole items or damaged anything much less raised a noose calling for a lynching of the VP (of whom I am no fan) or of the house speaker, who killed an officer or was with the woman who died they risk letting anyone thinking you can get away with doing this sort of thing - that white insurrectionists performing a treasonous act aren't held up to the same justice, or any ******** justice when black law abiding and peaceful protesters were bullied, battered and abused - gassed, pepper sprayed and tased - then locked up for good measure.
If they do not lock up every one of the ******** lunatic fringe that is the Trump voter (and Im not talking normal folks that simply got duped) I refer to the vote was stolen, fake news, Dems are *****, Trump is god, assholes. Do they not know Trump was a good friend of Epstein? so much so in fact that Trump was brought up on charges along with Epstein for raping a 13 year old girl? TWICE?! (he paid money to the family to make it go away) So who is the ***** exactly? Or is 13 normal down in the deep Republican south, but I digress. If they do that and apologize to everyone who marched for BLM that was traumatized (Id even love to see reparations, but paid for by Trump) otherwise this whole ugly mess sends the wrong message.

Nobody will heal while this s**t is allowed to fester. Trouble is these republicans refuse to admit there is a pandemic - so when theyre caught without a mask? when they fight for their so called rights that were fought for by the very men and women whose lives were given to secure those rights and who were called suckers and losers by Trump and they blindly believe everything they were told /// they should have to volunteer their time and help at covid hotspots, and have to fill the refrigerator trucks and dig the graves of the dead. It is the LEAST they could do.

honestly i wasnt going to say much but this s**t gets me going every time

sorry man, Im just amazed it is taking so long. but I am relieved he is gone

oh they also need to get the republicans to sign this impeachment so that Trump can never run again because if they dont that jackass will run again as an independent an nobody needs that s**t. wish they'd just go after him already. everyone, all at once.