???????? Ugh
So today i bought a crapton of frozen fruit (bc it was on sale), bananas (for smoothies), toilet paper (because it's my turn next and i don't wanna go when i don't have time), and a giant bag of rice ($19 - not bad). I have a very solid meal plan done for the entirety of next week, so as long as I don't stray from it and buy random food, I will be ok in terms of budgeting things. Kinda want to cave and order more stuff off etsy though, lmao.

I still have a fiton session to complete today, technically 2 if i wanna keep up that weekly goal completion streak... But I'm lazy rn since i just ate a lot, so im writing this entry to check it off my TDA list.

About the red envelope money... I think I might use it for shopping haha. Korean fashion + all of the sustainable stuff.