Bruh okay. So last time I bought a bag of avocados, I waited a whole a** week for them to ripen and still ended up eating two that weren't ready yet (waste of avocados!). This time, it's only been a few days and the entire bag is ripe lol. Had I known, I would've chucked more of them into the fridge so they can ripen slower and I can space out my avocado toast meals. But alas, I will be eating avo toast for the second meal today. Not that I'm really complaining that much.

Um, in terms of life things, I resisted looking at any shopping sites in general today (except my daily credit check from Codibook, of course). I'm worried about ordering things rn because of there only being two months before I gotta yeet outta this place. Excited! But also worried about finding a good place at a decent rent price.

I did two fiton sessions today. It was alright. I really should exercise more, I feel fat just looking at k-idols. Yep.