1) I wasmeeting someone an got lost ina dream exploring a place ( A small town ) Ive never seen or been to that my mind made up. I was ignored no-one would talk to me just ignore my questions acting like I wasnt even there.

I asked several people questions, "Where is this? / What town?/ city?" "What time is it?" "Where am I?" No answers as I wandered town getting more lost.

2) I was at some sort of factory job running a report on a very old computer which started to glitch out as I got up it was time to go and everyone was removing gloves an equipment to put away as they left.

I shut the computer off an left work too, saying "Goodbye" to everybody as I left to find my car in the parking lot.

3) I had a scary ( Waking Dream ) I was in my parents' house near my old room where I encountered a changling/ doppleganger of myself leaving my room. I confronted it, it tried to fly out of my arms in the shape of a blurry long shape of energy ( Long an thin like snake only made of light brown energy? )

I turned to look for it every direction, I saw a blink of a eye as it took my form again going around a corner, I caught it.....it was me ( I spun it to face me to my face. )

IT HAD NO FACE, only a flat skin spot instead, I heald it tight an said "Never Return" as I struck it with my fists as hard as I could. I woke up immediately after that.