1) I walked, paced? Back an forth down a small hallway. I saw people sitting an standing but...every time I walked back it was a new person instead of the same one from before. I have no clue as to why I was waiting or where I was.

2) I was in a lush green place, outdoors with lots of trees an plants as well a small river ran to my left as I heard an saw water moving. As I walked fields opened on either side of the path I was on. Small an average size houses dotted the sides of the path which became a gravel road. The fields had cows an horse in them munching grass happily.

I continued as gravel turned to roadway made of blacktop, an things went from countryside to city as I took a few more steps then sat down at a bench in town.

I got up an got water an used the bathroom

3) Saw a cute lady...we talked an enjoyed each others company before we went to her place/ appartment..... redface heart