yes hello, welcome back friends.

so today, i had plenty of things to do (i.e. read the textbook and get that one simulation working), and i decided to wait until 4pm to start doing it. so naturally, i only managed to get the simulation working and read nothing from the textbook. in my defence, we did have 2 meetings today, and also i went out to buy ham (see yesterday's journal entry) and pick up printing in the middle of the day. yeah. i don't even have that many excuses, i just have been procrastinating a lot. i need a vacation from work, man.

in other news, managed to feed 6 items so far to Meow, finishing off the Drinks row, and starting a Pizza row. Also that excel sheet is super detailed now, cuz I also have several more rows of food backed up ready to go (such as 'space food', 'orange food', and 'desserts'). And yet, I cannot stop gourmet food shopping lol.

overall, today is a lot of blah.