As the title says. Literally. Nothing. Lol.

-I managed to get a few items gourmet fed to Meow, and bought a crapton more food items and books (rip, my shop is kind of overflowing with backlogged food at this point...). I really need to stop with the restocking.
-I tried a "fluffy pancake" recipe and honestly it was kind of disappointing. It kind of just tasted like egg. But sadly we ran out of whole wheat flour, so I couldn't exactly use the same recipe that I usually do.
-Further on the topic on food, I really need to meal prep, lol. I should get rid of the remaining sandwich stuff (I was going to try up the spam as a ham replacement) asap, and then i'll do rice & tofu+veggies for a week or so (with the additional spam fried rice?). So I guess I need to buy some mushrooms and some random green vegetables.