I had a nice enough Thursday as I was able finally win a gosh darn Digimon tournament even though the last guy I was playing against tried to cheat me...again. I'm hoping someday I could sell the packs I got from the tourny for some RL monies. It would be nice to like make money rather than like spending too much at my friends place. Not that I don't also like supporting my friends place.

It was a bit awkward though as my friend who runs the place was having sort of a bad day and not really in the best shape at the time but im praying for him and I hope he kicks that nasty habit and gets his stuff together. I know he can!!

Im hoping I'll be able to have fun on the religious holiday coming up in 3 days. It'd be the first nice 4/20 I'd have had in a long time. THIS BETTER BE GOOD! I deserve it!

Existing in the night with: 4,018,444

Today marks the 1 month anniversary of the D.Tail I bought 1 month ago. Still havent sold it and if it sells now I'll have lost 20k.

Thanks undercutters! heart Really, if it wasn't for them I might have sold it and made profit. But thankfully they're there making sure I lose money AND they lose money.