1) I dreamed I was I think in WW2 as I was in house to house fighting ( In a small city/ hamlet? ) as the fighting raged I ran out of bullets for my .38 Smg ( "grease gun" ) an only had a few grenades and a pistol which looked like a service pistol of a soilder a 9mm - 1911 possibly a Colt 1911? would make sense if I were a US soilder.

I returned fire never seeing if I actually shot someone, I continued to move forward clearing houses. I was alone I think, though I did still hear gunfire around me at a littlle distance away.

The houses were mostly empty except scattered furniture or a few times damage from artillery or fighting hand to hand. ( Bullet holes, small arms fire. )

2) I was with a Lady..... redface "TOS Restricted"
We had fun, woke up in the "Normal State" from having that kind of dream.

--- Got water an went back to bed.

3) ( Waking Dream ) I got up to get ready for work just like usual, an had started to take a bath when I realized I was still dreaming as I turned over to look at my alarm clock beside my bed.