What is a strength your OC commonly displays that others often depend on them for?

TLDR. Arin - Leadership; Annie - Optimism; Nik - Charisma; Jace - Calm composure; Yuki - Logic; Min Hyuk - Compassion

Arin - As the resident MC, the members look to Arin for friendship/companionship and her leadership skills. She is a curious individual, and while sometimes meddles in affairs that she shouldn't, her members also appreciate her efforts as it may save them from dangerous situations.

Annie - Though the cohort members say she jokes far too often, her sense of humor is greatly appreciated during hard times. Annie radiates positivity, and is always the one to see (even a slightest bit of) the silver lining to any situation.

Nik - Confident and charming, Nik's charisma has gained him knowledge of the system, to the benefit of the cohort. He likes to establish a leadership role, but he is not great at it. However, the cohort members trust him as their 'oldest brother' and often do come to him to help solve problems.

Yuki - Despite her nervous nature, Yuki is incredibly intelligent and thus her logic skills often come in handy when solving the puzzle-like riddles of student Tasks. She is also gifted with a strange array of skills (i.e. lockpicking) that she chooses not to use often.

Jace - The cohort mostly depends on him for his technical skills, but his calm demeanour often helps the members too. In times of great stress, they look to his level-headedness to help them push through. He's also quite strong so he can be helpful for lifting heavy objects.

Min Hyuk - Though he is hesitant to show it, he is fiercely loyal and passionate. He cares for the cohort in his own passive way - by cleaning up after them or making them food.