Omg okay, first off ranting yet again on another platform about how I just want malls to reopen. I ran out of tea tree oil and I desperately need it (!!!!!!).

You see guys, I was planning to order it online and have it shipped ($60+ is free shipping) and then return the stuff I don't actually need in-store once malls re-open. But thank GOODNESS I researched the reopening plan some more, bc even IF we enter stage 1 on the 14th, Malls won't be open until July and then it would be a waste of my money since i can't return it... like dude... fk off corona.

So yeah, I'm living without tea tree oil for a bit, big SAD.

I also want to buy all the things from innisfree -> face wash (extra one obv), sunscreen (to replace the japanese one that's probably expired), face cream or jelly (not sure yet! but def want something light like the aloe), face mask. It's like $60 with shipping on Codibook, but eh, I can throw in some clothes alongside that order too. We'll see. Sigh.