What did I do today, on my day off? Idk honestly.
-Attempted bbt - not bad! I like tapioca with white sugar syrup. Lowkey might make some next weekend and just eat it. RIP my electricity bill though, since I had the stove on for like 4 hours straight.
-Went for a looooooong walk. Didn't buy anything random though, even if I was tempted to because it was super hot outside.
-Attempted bibimguksu (?) because I watched half a video of Keonhee eating some.... sigh rip. While I may not have had the correct noodles, I can confirm that the sauce is a m a z i n g and I still have some leftover for lunch tomorrow (to of course eat once again with the incorrect noodles)
-Binged a lot of TDA and started TDWT. Memories.
-I might finally open the yoga mat and exercise or something. Maybe.