Hey guys, the one time I don't write an actual entry... it's to talk about shopping. Just listing stuff I want but don't necessarily need.

-plain white t-shirt... probably from h&m...
-white fitting long-sleeved top, for layering
-black fitting long-sleeved top, for layering
-blouses of nicer colours, i.e. blue, purple, mint...
-oversized cardigans; white (for the skirt-shorts)
-bolero cardigains (blue? pink? white?)
-crop hoodie (any colour tbh)

-long black skirt (always been a wishlist item!)
-long beige skirt (or other colours?)
-beige or white dress pants, for the light academia aesthetic (pairs with white collared shirt, or any black or pink top

-strapless bra to replace my current one that's too pushed
-crop vests (see codibook!)
-trench coat, tan or black (somedays?)
-new running shoes, to replace the current pair