Imagine your OCs competing with each other to see who can make the best cookies

They stand merely an inch apart with their arms crossed, glaring at one another. Annie smirks, tossing a lock of her black hair over her shoulder, yet never breaking eye contact with their cohort's youngest member.

"This will be a competition to end all competitions." she states intensely, just as she finishes tying the knot on her pastel yellow apron.

Min Hyuk narrows his eyes. "And I will be victorious," he retaliates, brushing non-existent dust off his pink apron for dramatic effect.

"There's no competition." Nik sighs, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. "Remember that we're baking cookies for Yuki's birthday next week."

"Sure, that." Annie responds, swatting Nik's hand away. She reaches for a whisk, and waves it around in Min Hyuk's face. "But Yuki will like my snickerdoodles better than your madeleines."

"We'll see about that," Min Hyuk rolls his eyes... and then suddenly sprints towards the pantry, shoving Annie out of the way in the process.

"a*****e! Don't take all the sugar!" Annie yells, running after him.

Arin appears in the doorway, nearly dropping the assortment of mixing bowls in her arms as the competitive pair push past her. "Uh so, are our chocolate chip cookies gonna cut it in this competition?" she asks, with a laugh.

Nik shrugs. "I don't even know what's going on at this point."