Happy 100 entries!

I notice Nik's eyes looking past me, and suddenly hear the click of a familiar pair boots against the school's ugly linoleum floors.

"Boo!" My best friend Annie yells, slinging one arm around my shoulder and the other around Nik's. "Friends, friends! What did I miss this summer? Any developments before our senior year of high school?" she continues with a sly smile, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

"Absolutely not," Nik replies without missing a beat. "How was Columbia?"

Annie retracts her arms, pretending to be deep in thought by scratching her chin. "Hot. Also, I learned how bad my Spanish is."

"So you've told us though your long emails." I say. "But you had fun with your cousins, right?"

Annie exaggerates shrugging her shoulders, and makes an ehhhh sound. A tad dramatic, as always, but that was one of the many reasons I adored her. "Anyway–" she waves a hand dismissively. "Nik, how was fancy sports camp? And did you finally get a girlfriend?"

"Why does it always come back to this?" Nik sighs while I try to stifle a laugh.