"I'm not that stressed," Elizabeth huffed, yet she paced around their small dorm room hurriedly. "It's just the concerto competition is coming up, we have that essay due for Music History, and then there's the midterm for theory---"

"So what I'm hearing is... you're stressed." Ida interrupted, grabbing the elder String player by the shoulder. "Damn, your back is tense."

Elizabeth glared at her. "Thanks."

"Okay!" Ramona announced, clapping her hands dramatically as if calling them to a meal. "Here is what we're going to do tonight. We're going to have a string-girls-bonding-type-thing, and Liz is going to forget about all her assignments, and we're going to do face masks, stuff our faces with cupcakes, and watch a cute romcom."

"Ooooh!" Violet said, bursting with excitement. "That sounds really fun!"

Julien, as silent as ever, exited the room. He was clearly not invited to this event.

"But I need to practice ---" whined Elizabeth, just as Ramona throws a pillow at her face.

"You need this." Ramona said with a shrug. "C'mon, I'll even let you guys use my expensive face masks from Taiwan!"

"Ohmygod," Violet exhaled. She turned to Elizabeth, putting on her best 'cute begging puppy' impression. "Pleeeeeease, Liz?"

"One night off couldn't hurt." Ida added.

"Ugh, fine." Liz groaned, and the younger string players converged on her in a forced group hug full of high-pitched squeals.