Hi, welcome back to my journal. Today wasn't extremely productive. In the morning, I went to get some groceries. Didn't do my laundry since it wasn't sunny - that's a tomorrow problem. Then, I literally was working on the 335 project for 5 hours. We got part 1 done, and according to the TA's email, part 3 looks good to go as well. So hopefully we can debug pt2 and move on to pt5 soon.

And then I needed a break, so I ventured to chinatown for more groceries. Then, I ate fire noodles, and tried out the milk tea I got. It was ok. then... i did the dishes, my language learning, showered, and it brings me to now. im going to watch the 335 lecture videos and then work on tmu, i guess. i should rly work on analog but we will see how much time i have.