In terms of work:
-Haven't really done too much schoolwork. Wrote a little bit for the SOI, though I plan to get back to it later this evening (it's only 5:30 despite it being super dark outside already!)
-Should also watch that remaining lecture for 335, and email my prof with that question from the quiz...

In terms of relaxing/life:
-I did get those burgers, yay! Junk food! Only 2 hours of my time so not bad I guess.
-Also ventured to the mall. Didn't buy clothing, since I wasn't vibing anything. Bought all the cleaning supplies on my shopping list, so I guess if I go back next week, it would not be for that.
-I guess that's it? I binged watched more miraculous fan vids and watched some old episodes (Oblivio remains one of my fave episodes)