I was travelling down intergalactic space with my mother, sister, cousin, and Renee.

I was pissed at my mother when she took us to a Mormon church so I shocked the congregation by acting satanic and denouncing God to get back at her for not letting me go to the Dir En Grey concert.

Suddenly we made a pit stop at an electronic planet.

All of my friends were there. So were neopets.

I tried to talk to my friends but they ignored me so I ran to a secluded and empty part of town.

Who do I see but a sexyfied version of Kabuto WITH his harry potter glasses.

I run over to him and jump on his front so that he was holding me like a baby.He says hi, like he knew me.He says he is glad to see me and that we should go say hi to his boss.So we do. We enter an office building and go to the CEO's office. Upon entering we see a sexyfied version of Orochimaru and if I had been in my right mind I would have been like 'WTF?!' but instead I was like 'hey oro-baby, s'up?'

Oro was all happy to see me and starts cracking friendly/perverted jokes about the fact that I was still latched onto Kabuto's body. Sasuke comes in and makes some friendly gesture to Oro and Kabuto and then kisses me! I then squeeze Kabuto's butt cheek and omg it was creepy...AND then my mother, richie,sister, and dad's side of the family come in right while I was squeezing! I was all like 'don't die of a heart attack b***h!' to my grandmother and proceeded to make out with Oro,Kabuto, and Sasuke while my family looked on in horror and the neopet secretary outside answered phonecalls.....