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The Legend of the Blue Mist Road
it's a story that i made up on the spot, so it isnt probably as good as it could have been
This is the story of them, the two lovers, of the blue mist road...

people can believe what they want, and theres so many diffrent ways this could have happend, id like to believe that this is what really happend...

long ago.. when magic and enchantments still existed in this world, there was a brave man, who fell in love. this girl , like most girls in storys such as this, was royalty, though not a princess, but a dutchess , and this girl , who was above such a man in stature, never thought twice about him. He did what ever he could to grab her attention, but admitted defeat , when he realized that he hadnt even caught a glimps from her, but he had caught the attention of a few others, who werent the right kind of people to know. while he never got to meet the dutchess, he met her father under sevear curcumstances, he almost lost his head after the first time. in the end , he decided that maybe it was best to just leave, and try to forget about her, he didnt know why he loved her, only that he did, so in that attempt to forget her , he left the city and went through the world to find someone else he COULD love. a few years later, after being robbed and beaten so many times, he would give up, he was cornered between two trees, about to be killed for what little money he had, he welcomed it, he was tired of this life, and raised his neck so that they might have a clear shot , at the moment they raised their weapons with a grin across there faces, a strange figure appeard and fought them off, while he laid back dazed by whatever this was, he tried to describe it to himself what was fighting off these vandels, he looked normal.. from the waist up, he would have said it was a centaur, but it wasnt a horse body.. more like a deer, and he had amazeing antlers protrudeing from his temples. it was an amazeing sight to behold when he was done and towering over the last muggers as they ran away. He kept stareing at the man, who still seemed ready to fight as he looked at the man on the floor "You imbecil!!!!" the deer man yelled, "You were about to die and you didnt even fight back!!!" he yelled again as he walked tword the man. "Dont you have something to live for?!" . At those words the man looked away from the deerman and said softly "no.. not anymore".and with that the deerman softend his eyes and looked at what was left of this thing that used to be a man. "Then i should have let you die, and put you out of your misery?" the deerman questioned. and the man nodded in agreement. The deerman thought for a while, "what USED to be your reason for living? " and ofcourse the man immediatly thought of "The dutchess, of my city" he said to the deerman. "and what? she never loved you back?" the deerman asked, and in a pittyful laugh he responded" no , heh, i never got to hear her speak on word". As the deerman looked at the man he pittyed him, and going against his better nature , he finally spoke and said " then i will help you win her over "the deerman said with a smirk, "and then what? how will we live after her father finds us, and find us he most surely will" . "Then i will protect you, till my dieing day " the deerman said with the same smirk. It then occured to him that.. he was serious about it. "and what if she doesnt love me...?" the man asked. " well, then at least you die trying to do something then just giving up on your life..". The man need no more convinceing, he and the deerman went to his city a few months later, when they arrived they figured out a plan, so that he may be able to see her and tell her how he felt. they made there plan, and before executing it, the deerman gave the man a powder, "sprinkle this on the two of you and kiss, and i guarentee that every full moon, no matter what , you two shall be together". he nodded and took the bag. while the deerman caused trobble for the guards, he slipped in and went to see her. while the dutchess was causios , she heard the man out, " My fair lady .. i have loved you all my life, and would see it end now that im finally free to tell you that. I realize that you may not know anything of me, but know this... i love you , and will love you long after my dieing day. " he said stareing at her. she could find no words to say what she wanted , but insted gently kissed his lips, knowing how much he loved her was all she needed to know, to love him back. "you must leave" she said. "before they find you here...". He stared at her he would finally have her "here" he sprinkled some of the magic powder over her and himself leaveing a temprary blue mist around them, "if you truely want to be with me. then kiss me. and every full moon after this day , we shall always be together . She smiled coyly and kissed his lips, "now go" she beconed. he smiled and lept out of a window onto a bale of hay, he wistled loudly as a signal to the deerman that it was time to go. and every night after that , some how , some way, on the full moon nights, a blue mist would come, and they would meet, everything was going smoothly.. till her father came in on night, saw them... and killed them both, the deerman who was always on guard rushed in and stole there bodys before aything could be done to them. he buried them both, side by side, with matching tombstones. never saying there true names , so that the king may never find them. and it is said still even today, that on every full moon night, a blue mist will come through there down the road next to the cemetary, and their two headstones will touch, while on every other day they would not, so that even in death, they reman.. together.

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    OMG THAT'S SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But so good!!!!!!!!!!

    comment Teh_Emo_Girl_Shelby · Community Member · Wed Feb 07, 2007 @ 08:41pm
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