North ' ern ' sun
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&& dosn't every girl dream of a knight
who would come && rescue her
from the awful castle held prisoner by the evil king?
don't you ever dream of galloping into the sunset with your true love
while the evil king rages with anger because he lost you.
don't you ever dream of living a fairytale ending of happily ever after?
i know i do...

Steph ' single *** ' feb 17th ' Canada ' anime ' music

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&& And my fav things in life are...
anime, music, friends, chocolate, noodles, ps2, computer, cell phone, hoodies, confessions of a not it girl, if i have a wicked stepmother wheres my prince?, Harry Potter, Pendragon, Shrek, Spongebob, naruto, the simpsons, hockey, soccer, muchmore music, the princess bride, the road to eldorado, blue crush, tuck everlasting, the illusionist, the prestige, magic
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&& boy you just need to wake up and realize that shes crazy for you...

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