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Roxy's Journal [[Yayness]] Just Random Crap

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8th Grade Year
Idk I just want to post this here for some reason.


Now that the years over, let everyone know, how your year was.


period 1: Reading
period 2: Math
period 3: English
period 4: Karate
period 5: History
period 6: BCIS
period 7: Science


period 1: Isra, Nicole, and Monica

period 2: Cecilia

period 3: Isra, Semra, and Juhi

period 4: Kimberly, Dymiand, Cody, Nico, Xavier, and a bunch of other people.

period 5: Nicole, Candice, Juhi, and Sabrina

period 6: Jessica and Daniel

period 7: Everyone...

1. Who was your favorite teacher?
Mrs Patrick because I could sleep in her class all I want.

2. Who annoyed you most during 3rd period?
Juhi!! Dammnit!

3. Which period was the most boring?
Math 2nd Period

5. Where you were most likely to fall asleep or not pay attention?
Math and History

6. Which class did you get the most homework?

7. Which period were you most hyper in?
Prolly 7th

8. Whats was your favorite class?
Science...it was sorta fun

9. Did you like lunch?
The food sucks balls, but I guess yes because you can talk as loud as hell.

10. Do you like going to school?
I guess...I don't want to be a hobo...and I'll get bored sitting at home all day...

11. Who sits behind you in Period 3?
Juhi...it's touture...lol

12. How many kids are in your Period 2?
24 I think...

13. Which teacher did you dislike the most?
Mr. Haywood, his class was so boring...I felt like I was hearing the same crap everyday...

14. Can you talk in your 3rd period?
Yup smile

15.Who sits next to you in 5th?
Usually Candice...but it changes all the tiime.

16. Who sits in front of you in 6th?

17. Summarize your year in three words.
Boredom, Luuurve, and Healing...

18. What do you hope next year is gonna be like?
More fun in 8th grade it was too much work, I want next year too be more fun.

19. What song describes your year? Why?
Everyday is Exactly the Same - Nine Inch Nails. Idk I just really like that song

20. A message for your old school friends?
Go suck it...lol jk...Have a kick a** summer...and do a lot of stupid crap...and most of all remember how crappy Sam Houston was and how much fun I had with you punks! Nooo, dammnit I'm not crying I just have something in both of my eyes...

Now that you've finished, repost this with the title as your grade..

Best Quotes Ever
"Life is like a chicken...wait I don't get it either..."

"Your mum hates you."
Natalie Tran

"You know what Rubab your a jerk."

"I think the reason why your so cranky is because you are a sarcastic b***h."
Sabrina (lol)

"Rubab get a life or a boyfriend."

"You are the weirdest mo-fo I've met in my life."

"Rubab if you marry me I'll give you a cookie!!"
Danielle (I think)

"That equals sign looks like a starving cat..."

"Your weird..."

Rubab, Preston, and Cows.

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