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ok hers the second chapter

The next few days I was kept in the hospital. The doctor said I was still unstable. Thats when I figured out I had to be in a wheelchair to move around in.....again, still unstable. But now I am home. Grant had been expelled and I was home for a couple weeks to get back on my feet. The doctor said it was a miracle I woke up in three days, a miracle yeah I guess it was.
“its your first day Danny don't be late!” cried my mom It was my first day since the accident and I didn't want to mess it up.”I'm coming mom!” I yelled downstairs. Then I started thinking, Sam was in my hospital room, did she really actually care about me? I didn't want to think about it anymore. Tim seemed happy I was fine, ok really happy. But I could see sadness in his eyes, there was something he wasn't telling me everything he was hiding something. “ Tim?” I asked “Yes?” he asked nervously “Why are you so jittery?” I wanted to know “What? What are talking about? I'm not jittery.” he said even more nervously “theres something your not telling me, and I wanna know now.”I demanded “ok, fine theres...something. You have...powers. Strange powers, that no one has seen before. You have to use them for good, promise?” he asked I couldn't believe him. I was stunned. “yeah right if you wanna keep secrets fine, but don't tell me a lie instead.” I said in a mad tone I moved up a couple seats and stared out the window. Sam was sitting across from me and was also staring out the window, I saw her out of the corner of the eye. She was staring into nothingness. When we got to school she almost forgot to get off the bus. I missed talking to her, so I did. “Hey Sam?” I asked “why did you come to my hospital room?” I asked shaking “i was worried .” she said about to cry “worried about what? I'm ok aren't I?”i said “No, worried that your powers would be unstable while you were in the coma.” she said I was shaking my head in doubt “did Tim put you up to this?” I asked “No, Danny you know I wouldn't lie to you. You have an enormous amount of power inside you and going through that coma could've let it all out in one big burst, you could've died.” she said as she was starting to cry. Thats when it hit me the doctor said “unstable” does everyone no about this but me? Even my old best friend? But not me? I needed answers and I wanted them that very second. “ok, what is going on and why did I not know anything about it till I was in a coma.”I was asking getting a little angry “you couldn't have known or you would've used the power for your own use, this power is for everybody and your just the one who beholds it.” she said
I was a little confused if she knew, how long did she know? Since we were friends from the start or earlier? I wanted to know everything about anything relating to my so called “powers”. I wanted to apologize to Tim.
Then the bell rang and we were off to homeroom and everything Tim and Sam had said were all running through my head like a roller coaster. I was confused and I was ready to find out what was happening.

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