I have been drawing my a** off and I'm working like a mad woman to get the lineart done and posted on my deviant art page and my manga revolution page @ [link] I am now re-opening commissions! I'm going to up the commission price just a little. I'm trying to raise money to go to artist alley at Anime Central (if there are anymore spaces left).


I can draw Anime/Manga, cartoon styles or realistic. No nudity or sexually suggestive posses. If I'm drawing action, I'll do a little blood, but I won't draw an abundance of it.

Head and Shoulders Black and White: $5
Head and Shoulders Color: $7

Half a Body Black and White: $10
Half a Body Color: $15

Full Body Black and White: $20
Full Body Color: $25

Full character and Background (Black and White): $30
Full Character and Background (Color): 35

If you want a commission or have questions send me a note or e-mail me at keita@qtkanime.com