Main Storyline:

Ms. Edwina Wickes - Prostitute, a close friend of Adrien's, helped him adapt to life in England and teach him English, although she has a heavy cockney accent. She has unspoken feelings for Adrien, which she shows through actions rather than words. She knows he will never accept her the way she wants, but being of use to him is enough to satisfy her, . . . if only a little.

Madam Clara Hawk - Brothel owner. Distrusts Adrien and doesn't enjoy having him around, but since he pays well for time with Edwina she is obliged to ignore her gut feelings about him. Is equally disgusted with Mr. Hopkins, but who isn't?

Dr. Takashi Ueda - A physician who moved to England from Japan to study Western medicine. Being a foreigner, he was unable to establish his practice in the public sphere. Falling into despair, he eventually became a doctor for the underground. Adrien, also being a foreigner, sympathizes with Ueda, and the two have formed a bond of trust.

Mrs. Yumi Ueda - Dr. Takashi's wife, who speaks English poorly but understands enough to know that her husband is usually in grave danger, both from the police and his clients. She yearns to return to Japan, but since she married Ueda (then an unemployed graduate) against her family's wishes, she knows she has no one left there to return to.

Mr. Jonathan Hopkins - A con man and a frequent visitor of Madam Hawk's brothel, where he met Adrien. Seeing that he could use Adrien's looks and good breeding to his advantage, he assists Adrien in finding clients who are willing to pay top dollar for assassinations, typically in the political arena. In exchange, Adrien became his link to high society, where Adrien and he duped many a wealthy widow and ignorant Lord out of jewels and gambling money.


Other Friends:

Ms. Vittoria Vittoli - A beautiful woman with the voice of an angel, her heavenly notes help ease Adrien's troubled soul. Due to her supernatural nature, Adrien can only meet with her at night. Despite her being what some would consider a monster, her calm, gentle disposition and understanding nature allow him to retain some of his affection for humanity.

Slick Southpaw - A creature seemingly unaffected by time and humanity's laws, plucked from an ancient mythos assumed long gone. Bound by nothing but a part of everything, he is someone Adrien is both attracted to and inherently fears. Although typically the picture of coolness in most social situations, Adrien's bestial nature is coaxed out in front of Slick, much to the faun's delight.