"Come and have a go if you think your tough enough." taunted a voice from behind Venn. Venn spun around his sword flying into his hand from it's scabbard. "Who are you?" Venn demanded from the stranger. "I'm just the man that's going to kill you." the stranger replied drawing his own sword. "Not likely." Venn spat back at him slashing at his ribs. The stranger batted the attack away contemptuously causing Venn to stumble forward "Do you really think so little of me that you thought to kill he with such a pitiful attack." the stranger snarled "Not at all." Venn said and the stranger realized that he had let Venn get to close and tried to take a step back...but it was to late for him. Venn's fist slammed into the man's stomach and he fell forward into a heap. "That was to easy." Venn muttered to himself lifting the man's unconscious body and carrying him to jail.

That was an impromptu short story......tell me what you think.