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my wonderful thoughts
(BEWARE! THIS IS A PROBABLY THE MOST AMAZING,CRAZIEST,STUPIDEST JOURNAL YOU MAY EVER READ! PLEASE USE CAUTION WHILE READING!)this is my journal. It holds some of my personal thoughts(guy troubles,my major stupidity, ect.) and some other common stuff.
Stupid horoscopes
T.T nerrr!! i hate horoscopes now.. - 3-.. i did a love one n it said meh n meh boyfriend edward werent made for each other T.T that cant b true.. can it?? after all it knew meh like i kno the back of meh hand.. it said im complex.... n it said im knowledgeable to the art of seduction (hell yeah i am x3) forgetz it im jus gonna copy the whole thing to this so here it ish:
You are a complex lady. You are ruled by the planet Venus that makes you knowledgeable instinctively in the art of seduction. You love beautiful objects and adornments and will welcome any quality gifts that your lover buys for you. You always know exactly what you want and you will become quite stubborn if you don't get it. As long as your man stays on your good side and treats you with tender loving care you will be affectionate and willing to give him whatever he wants. You are eager to learn about life and the man that can teach you the ins and outs will win your heart. You look for a lover who is sincere, appreciative and knowledgeable about getting the best quality for the best price. If your chosen partner lives up to your standards you will be a loyal, loving and excellent bed mate. Your lover must approach you properly in order to win your heart. You love good cooking and fine wine. The way to your heart is definitely through your stomach. You are turned off by individuals who exaggerate or color the truth. You like to be admired and will respond if your lover is encouraging.

idk about the 'bed mate' part cuz im still a friggin virgin but other than that they gotz meh right on the mark... but for edward its a whole different story... heres wat it says about him:
He loves women, however he usually finds it difficult to be happy with just one. He is wary of commitment and not prone to close involvements. He needs to be free and detests jealousy in women. He prefers women with experience, females that will take love as lightly as he does. He insists that his mate have a sense of humor because he can become depressed easily with partners that are too serious and who tend to talk about themselves. He enjoys making love under the light of the moon and he just hates to feel or be confined at any time. He can be blunt and outspoken. He will never restrict his partner in any way shape or form regardless of the end result. He has an insatiable curiosity about sexual education and he wants to experience everything. He will remain a bachelor at heart whether he marries or not. He does much better when it comes to friendships then he does in love relationships.

T.T i hope that isnt really true.. it makes meh wanna cry.. phooey... stupid horoscopes.. jus gotta ruin my good times like that.. ;n;

injured cows n crashed spaceships
fire-fierce (in upest mode ;n; )

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