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Name: Ruri Flareheart
Age: Unknown (looks to be 22)
Inventive, Cautious, Daring, Curious, Artistic, Hopeless Romantic
Diving bomb, Speed, Agility, Exploding Fire Bomb, Fire breath
Ruri had a happy family. She had a Mother and a Father who loved her very much. The only problem Ruri had, was that she wasn't able to play with the other kids. It's because her father and her were not accepted by the others. They were branded monsters and demons. The reason for it is because her Father and her own what is called Dragon's Blood. It's been passed down her father's generations. It gives her the powers of a dragon species, depending on the family. She had the blood of Night Fury, one of the most Agile and Smart species of the dragons. This was the reason they had to sleep outside, in a cave. One night, they were ambushed by the villagers in a near by village. Ruri wanted to stay with her parents but as they were being chained down, they told Ruri to run. To run and never look behind her. With tears in her eyes Ruri ran, and never looked back. She only heared two shots being fired behind her, and she knew she wouldn't see her parents again. It's been 18 years since that happened, and Ruri has been traveling around, hiding her identity of course. She's been looking for something she's been needing. A friend.

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Lilith Fayrin

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Marin Fayrin

Name: Lilith Fayrin (Good)/ Marin Fayrin (Bad)
Age: 18
Happy, Cute, Shy, Sweet, Caring, Innocent, Split, Daring, Mischievous, Cunning, independent, Protective, I-Don't-Give-A-s**t type.
Carries a whip which only Marin uses, but Lilith carries around. Lilith usually had her pet Panda, “Bubby” doing all the protecting, Unless Marin finds the person to be a real threat.
Lilith was not right. Her parents knew it, but they didn't know what to do. Lilith would play by herself and talk to someone who wasn't even there. Her parents knew it was a faze all kids had, but when other kids would join then run away crying later, The parents began to get concerned. So they did any other parent would feel to be the “logical” thing to do for a 5 year old. They put her in a psyche ward. There Marin, Lilith's split personality unveiled herself. She began to get Lilith into trouble, making the other kids cry and mess with the adults. Soon the ward could not take it anymore and threw her into a room, an isolated room. There she stayed for 13 years. Now finally, one her 18th birthday Lilith was released on “Good behavior” and “Being cured.” Lilith just smiled and walked away. The first stop was her parent's house, but she only found that they moved and left her. Now Lilith travels alone with Bubby and Marin. She travels everywhere in search for her family, hoping to feel that happy loving family embrace once again.

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