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Mrs. Goatly spun towards the class, a dry erase marker still in her hand, when she heard Lorie's giggle. Stifling a smile, Lorie ducked her head, causing her dark and choppy bangs to spill over her bright emerald eyes, then began pretending to copy notes like everyone else in class. Though she, unlike all the others, already had the notes, and wasn't just ignoring the "lesson". Her best friend, Christopher, another member of her "family", had copied his notes and given them to her between first and second hour, warning her of the excruciating boredom to come.
Her only slip-up was giving Mrs. Goatly the opportunity to come and check up on her work, by laughing a bit too loudly about the text she had just received. If Mrs. Goatly came back and saw she already had the notes, she would get detention for sure. Not only did her notes have Chris' name on it, but she was also texting him. Chris who, being the lucky guy he always has been, was sitting enjoying a free period in locker room "running an errand" for the front office, oblivious to the encroaching drama.
Mrs. Goatly, opened her mouth, most likely to make some crappy remark about how Lorie never shows proper respect to figures in authority. Lorie sighed heavily, I don't get why she even complains. My grades are perfectly fine. It was true, she had always made straight A's since preschool. Well, that is excluding one year, back in fifth grade. Lorie was below an A in history by one point. Her family was devastated, and she was grounded until the next semester. Her parents considered it a flaw, to be average, even if the difference was only one point. She was claimed to be a failure for missing days of school. Apparently her mother had some kind of award for not missing a single day of school since kindergarten. Come on, like that really matters.
Sighing, Lorie looked up, seeing no point in pretending to copy her notes anymore, considering Mrs. Goatly was already inching her way down the isle, slowly making her way toward Lorie's desk in the back. Lorie's mind was buzzing, trying to produce an excuse or some up with a way to get out of this little predicament. She could either let Mrs. Goatly see the copied notes, getting both her and Chris in trouble, or use a blank sheet of paper to cover her notes, and suffer the punishment alone. It was a tough decision she would prefer not to make. She didn't want to rat out her friend, and she didn't want to be stuck in detention -or some worse punishment- alone. They were only a few yards apart and suddenly smack! Both Lorie and Mrs. Goatly snapped their heads in the direction of the noise noise that had disrupted the silent tension between them that had been sparking like electricity.
Students had started murmuring, and Lorie grinned, amused. Ahh... Queen Air-head has arrived, she thought shaking her head. She's gunna get it.... Lorie couldn't help but feel smug, Ms. Priss always made a scene with her obnoxious attitude and proud disposition. Lorie would definitely get out of trouble now. Her eyes danced as she watched the scene unfold. All throughout, Lorie noted many mistakes:
First of all Ms. Bubble-brain decided to (after shocking the class into silence) "inconspicuously" "check" her purse. Oh please, as if no one was going to hear her nails clicking loudly against the keys of her cell phone. What an idiot. Lorie was at least sneaky about her texting. She always made sure to use the ball of her fingers and place her phone directly over her paper, craning as if she was writing instead of ignoring the lesson. She didn't have to worry about the open air considering she was in the very back anyway. What's the teacher supposed to do? Look through all the students to monitor the kids in the back? I think not.
Second of all instead of weaseling her way out of her situation like the slippery hoe could, she decided to argue with the teacher. Wow, getting in trouble and being sent from the class was definitely going to help you get somewhere in life. Please, why do people think that's so amazing? Come on, she just proved how moronic her pea sized brain was. You never argue with a teacher if you're failing their class. Well, Lorie didn't actually know if said hoe was failing, but she could figure as much. She wasn't here half of the time. Not only that but she didn't ever pay attention during tests. She always directed her clouded gaze towards the window. It didn't even seem like she wrote her name down, none the less all the answers. Considering Lorie always finished first, she could always feel a hole burned straight through the side of her head where Bridget would look right through her staring mindlessly out the window.
When Bridget and back-sassed the teacher, Lorie could have sworn she was looking at a blowfish instead of a wrinkly English teacher. Maybe even an inflated balloon. She had straightened her back and towered over Bridget's desk. It didn't help that the class laughed at Bridget's comeback. This time it made Lorie think of a cat with it's back arched. She could even see all the fur bristle up, splaying in a million directions as the cat spat and hissed.
Leaning towards her neighbor, one of which whose name she didn't even know, and whispered scornfully, "Prissy idiot. She shouldn't have done that." The boy turned, a scowl slapped on his face, -he was an obvious Bridget fan- but is mouth dropped open, and his eyes grew wide. "Y-ya," he stuttered, then quickly ducked his head, facing the opposite direction. Did she really scare people that easily? Lorie didn't consider herself at all intimidating, in fact, she thought of herself as quite the opposite. She was slender and petite, a "stick" as some would say, but she still impossibly had a figure. She had to admit she had a fairly normal chest, nothing to boast about, but she was at least grateful to have one at all. Her face was soft and smooth, not a blemish on her pampered skin. To be honest, she had this habit of stroking her face absentmindedly while she read or sat in this prison called school. The only other explanation she had for all the awkward stares was that she could -'could' being the most remote definition- be slightly attractive. It was possible after all. She definitely didn't consider herself ugly, but she didn't know about beautiful. It seemed . . . over-exaggerated. Perhaps she's just being modest. Her "family" sometimes tells her that she's too self-critical. Perhaps it was true.
But honestly, It's not like there's a way for her to check. She can't just go up to a random guy and say "Do you think I'm pretty?" The world doesn't work like that.
Mrs. Goatly had now made her way to the front of the classroom, and as hoped, completely forgotten about Lorie. Smiling, Lorie ducked her head once more, trying harder to pretend to be a good student. Her phone lit up and Lorie picked up her conversation with Chris once more, waiting for this torture hour to slowly tick by.