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◈ // Matthieu Laroe Jr. 』 ;
"Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

"Don't you ever call me 'Mattie.'"


26 years old


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5'11" // 182 cm

146 lbs // 66 kg

Hair color:

Eye color:
Brown (left), Blue (Right)


Lawful Neutral

Low and rather sedate in tone. He rarely uses inflections or raises his voice.

An unnamed katana given to him by his father on his 18th birthday. After being drawn, blood must be shed by a cause of the blade or it cannot be sheathed. It was crafted by a legendary swordsmith the day Matthieu was born, and reputedly was made with a blood offering.

Matthieu seldom smiles. He is rather quiet and reserved, though not specifically shy. He'll speak when spoken to, but otherwise his lips are shut. He isn't quick to anger, and is quite tolerable of bullshit, but he rather does love to fight. He isn't too forgiving, and can hold grudges for an extraordinary amount of time. He remembers that time you asked what eyeliner he was wearing. He remembers.

Matthieu is quite self-righteous, and is very fond of rules and order, obediently adhering to his own set. He doesn't have much care for rules that don't mirror his own, and as such most likely won't respect them. He finds pleasure in extinguishing those whom he deems immoral. He is fiercely loyal and protective to that which he cherishes, though it's not too easy to obtain his affection. So far the only things he loves are his father and spongecake.

Being right, dogs, sweets, fighting

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica

Matthieu Sr. (father), Alice (late mother)

Matthieu gazes at you for a moment, before placing the kashira of his sword on your forehead and gingerly pushing you back. "That's none of your business." He says rather bluntly.
No I'm not lazy enough to come up with a backstory I'll make it eventually maybe. He essentially become a demon hunter because his father was one but retired, he decided to fill in for his father when DEFAICO (Latin for "purify" don't laugh I'll come up with something better) called for him. His mother died in childbirth so no angsty "demons killed my mom REVENGE!!!!" type s**t sorry xD. Oh and his sword/katana was passed down from his father oh oh and was forged using blood sacrifice so the sword must draw blood from something or it cannot be sheathed and is also imbued with his mother's soul but he doesn't know that shhh. I just don't feel like typing all of that into something...formal. omg this is so messy. if you actually read any of it, im proud of u my son. here, have this half-eaten poptart. u deserve it.