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school life
soo very boring and annoying
yet very hilarious

here are some things said in my school
and yes
i wil updaate this often
most of them staring yours truly

alan holmes:me
mr.sygit:carreer aplications teacher
mr.childers:algebra teacher
mr.walters:computer teachers
mr.biggs:vice principle
mr.garrison:health/PE teacher

DAR(diciplanary action reguest)
OSS(out of scool suspension)
ICBM(in class behavior modification-in school suspension)

JOBS-5th hour
mr.sygit:all right class what kinda jobs would u want
eddie:male stripper
did he just say male stripper
juanita:yeah i think he did
steve:i would like to work iun a church or a synagog so i may be able to do nothing
mr.sygit:anyways im pretty sure it might not take much to be a male stripper other then shaking ur little booty in a g-string
josh:way too much information

mr.sygit:wats up alan homeslice
theresa:wait what did he say
jacob:wats up alan homslice
me:i swear to god i will ******** murder u jacob
mr.sygit:all right lets leave homedog alone for now
me:hehehehe funny now its my turn
wats up bald headed doucebag

GLASSES-5th hour
regein:jesus christ i cant see nothing
mr.sygit:here try these
*gives reigin his glasses*
reigein surprised h thank u jesus
regien:these glasses are soo much better its like a new life

NINJA CHOP-5th hour
mr.sygit:alan i wiull have to have u move cause i need that spot for the overhead
me:and what if i dont
mr.sygit:then ill have to give u a ninja chop
i actualy have a pretty impressive ninja chop
me:mr.sygit u need to get out more

PUSH UPS-*last trimester 3rd hour gym
me:*yawn**leans on tennis pole*
mr.garrison:alan 10 push ups
me:what the hell
me:you doucebag
mr.garrison:150 and if u reference family guy or say anything else its 1000 now get get started

mr.sygit surprised k now what are some effects of quitting school ashley
devon:less money and job oppertunities
mr.sygit:all right good except i asked for ashley so devon ur ew name is ashley
mr.sygit:al right devon its ur turn now
devon:my names not devon its ashley
*even more later*
devon:wheres the whole puncher
jessica:up there in the desk up front
devon surprised k
yo alan wats up indeed
i said how are u alan indeed
me:shut up and go away ashley
and stop using my word

FISHIES-5th hour algebra
jovonah surprised h s**t i need some water *runs out of the room*
me:whats just happend what was she holding
jacob:im not sure
jovonah surprised k im back
*holding a bag with water in it*
me:is that a fish
theresa:why do u have a fish
mr.childers:better be good or ur getting a DAR
jovonah:my water broke
jacob:what the ********
mr.childers: oh my god
jovonah:dont worry its fixed
jovonah:i got a new bag and water
ashley:jovonah ur confusing them
he bag with the water and her fish broke so she had to get another
me surprised hhh
mr.childers:why do u have a fish in school
jovonah:its for biolegy
me:if ur gonna disect it then whats the point of keeping int alive
jovonah:no were gonna study it

mr.garrison:ur really should start lifting weights ur a bit scrawny
tony:im not scrawny
mr.garrison:yeah u are when i was ur age i was the same gtho cause my gym coach was retarded
me:well now we finaly have something in common

me surprised k im back
gorden surprised h my god i heard u were in biggs office what happened sdid u get in trouble
me surprised h
we had a lot of fun we talked
we went on youtube and watched funny videos
we went and got a bight to eat
and he wished me good luck on the finals
me:no u dumbass the b***h gave me ICBM

ACT NATURAL:-hallway before third hour
james:are we allowed to be roaming the halls
me:sure as long as we dont run into-
mr.biggs:mr holmes is that u?
james surprised k act natural
dont do anything u normaly would do
me:turns around and flips biggs off*
HEY BIGGS ******** U
*we run*
james:i said act natural
me:i know
u said dont do anything i normal wouldnt do
so i flipped him off
all we need to do is outrun him and he cant do nothing

quotes of DOOM
hilarious quotes

subdelty is the art of saying what u think and getting out of the way before its understood

ignorence can be cured
but stupid is forever

my women and i were happy for 20 years
and then we met

everybody has the gift of stupidity
but some ppl abuse the privelage

its better to be a smartass then a dumbass

the only time i get in trouble is when im right
can i help it if thats so often

it isnt paranoia if they really are out to get u

i go through life and think
its a shame stupidity isnt painful

i dont break rules
i mearly test their endurence

ive tried to se it from ur point of veiw
i just cant get my head that far up my a**

if u cant beat them
arrange to have them beaten

try not to let ur mind wander
its too small to be out by itself

wats on ur mind
if u forgive the overstatment

teamwork is essental
it gives the enemy somthing else to shoot at

if u dont have anything nice to say
welcome to the ******** club

its called cheating
deal with it

there are no stupid questions
just stupid people

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