ok guys heres the first chapter. i havnt edited it yet so be nice. + my spelling and grammer is bad so theres a heads up. btw any ideas for a title sweatdrop

"Dragons Breath" i yelled as i swang my staff. i'd been practicing all day hoping that i could finaly learn fire. how is it that fire is harder to learn then the other eliments. makes no scense to me. i looked at my attack, it was a huge burning fire ball. it hit a tree on the edge of the forest. there was a huge hole left over. i spun around, my staffs beads chiming as they hit each other. were had my teacher gone. i turned back to were my attack hit seeing him step out from behing a tree with wide eyes. i giggled. "so you hid from my attack did you"
"i did as a matter of fact. thought you were attacking me." when my teacher spoke it was a beatiful melody. dont get me wrong hes hot, not some old master, hes 18. just a day older then me. his name is alzen, one of the best, no wait the best magican alive, the rest are dead. oh how much i loved him, every inch, from his brown hair that was only an inch from his perfectly pointed ears to his larg feet covered in black boots. his georgas sea-green eyes were always so conferting and his face was to die for, i mean flawless. i just couldnt help but love him, along with every other girl in the kingdom. the only thing that stood between him and i becomeing a couple was dad. he would have a fit knowing his daughter, the princess of yemna, was in love with the very person he assined to her to make sure she didnt fall in love with anyone. besides dad there is the fact that he may not love me back the same, of course because i havnt told him how i feel. man i wish i didnt have to be so special. come to think of it it was alzen who was by my side the day that happened.
in our land the child of roaltly is bathed only once in a macical pool just inside sprogle falls. and only 5 year olds can have it done. this pool doesnt make you beatiful r anything it just changes your hair color to what your future will be. i was scared that day and asked if alzn could come. he did. my mom washed my hair in the pool as i held my sprogle, zerabeth, tight. my mother scramed when my hair changed color. diffrent colors mean diffrent things, black means disaster, red means magic, orange and white to gether make adventure and fear, yellow means pure heart. well my brown hair chnged to red and orange first, meaning powerful magic. stayed like that as yellow appeared maeaning pure heart, the it hat streaks of white and black meaning terrible diaster. forever would my hair state my future. everyone was scared because you didnt know when or how something would happen. alzen was already a powerful masican and i had been told to train hard so the disaster could be stopped. but who knew what would happen. another thing is that usually the hair of a child only changes to two colors, never four, this scared my mother even more.
"so shall we start ice now that you have lurned fire, hmmm latika?"
"what ice? i thought life was next."..................

if you want more let me know. and dont worry its not boring thoughout the story. is action advnture + fantsy so its fun and exilirating. (^_^)/ first book ever!! yay.