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Agony and Deceit Are My Pens
A twisted world needs a twisted mind. What better than mine to satisfy it with.
Cold as ice
Hard as stone
Your heart I've longed to hold
To melt that icy glare
To embrace you

My affections have never changed
I loved you throughout
Yet you scorn me for my foolishness
You push me away

I can't help but think
How stupid you are
to insist on being alone
I could love you
I could hold you
I could ease your suffered cries

Yet you make me watch helplessly
as you die
Cornered at a turn
You just stare with that defiant glare
in your eye
I know that beneath
You are rotting with demise

Then you snap
Making it hard to love you
You intentionally try to
scare me away
Baby don't you know
That could never be arranged

You live in a selfish world
Where you think no one can help
Why can't you realize
That I'm here

Does this mean I'm not good enough
Or does it mean you can't love
I run through
the turmoil in my head
Yet I can't stop my heart

Until the day I breathe my last breath
I will wait for you
I will make sure you listen
To know that I can love you
And that I don't blame you
for making me feel foolish

Prisoner In Paradise
why oh why
can't I get you out of my mind
I'm going crazy
You make me shiver in this endless night

back in the middle of nowhere
I can't seem to break you're spell
A cruel curse you have placed on me
I grow rabid in this delusion
turning to fate's hand
I expect a minor embrace

Infected with haste
I crawl into this prison
awaiting my savior
To escape from you're mean spiral
To be killed of my hesitation

A beast in the forest
Running free of chains
You've bound me alive
and broken my restraint

I can't resist this urge
Don't blame me
You tempted me with that smirk
Closing in
The prey becomes the beast
I feel my claws wrap around you
I lose my sight of you

I feel your heat
You breathes become short and ragged
I hear your cold shivers
your pushing me away
desperately you fight

I loosen my grip and I see you fall
Your eyes filled with shock
Then relief
Then your mouth turns into a smug smirk
You bind me in my own hell
I dig my claws into my skin
trying to endure this torture

I can't escape
I can't break free
You twist me between your fingers
You control me
I'm a prisoner
A prisoner in paradise

I look into the glass
and who do I see
I see a little girl
With an icy look
And a torn old book
And I realize that little girl
is me

Left alone
In an adults world
Never knowing a clue
Forced to grow up
With my life disrupted
I could only wish to be set free

Here I am
Looking between the lines
I look back on those times
And wish someone had noticed me
In my little corner I sat
Hoping my pain would go away
And I wanted to be who I wanted to be

My cheerful childhood
Was nothing of the sort
I suffered in agony
I would close my eyes
And forget about the hurt

If only I could
Be stronger than I was
Then maybe I wouldn't see
A scared little girl
With an icy look
Holding a torn old book
Staring back at me

Sensory Screener
Community Member
Sensory Screener
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