Cool, a journal. Never really cared much for journals, but we'll see how it goes. right now its midnight, and im supposed to be doing my homework xp i hate english. i think i might watch code geass after this, beacause its an amazingly addicting show and im going to be up anyway. Ill probably end up not finishing my english homework again even tho i cant really afford to with the C i have in that class stare ill just make random crap up and hope for the best. Goddess, im going to be tired tomorrow... *yawn* u kno, these smilies are funny burning_eyes talk2hand pirate dramallama xd xd this is so entertaining stressed heart wahmbulance ninja xd xd *snicker* Oh, i just finished Hellsing book 7 and it was amazing. no, crazy. no, insane. um... i can't find the right word... but it was awesome. more people should read it *glares at Maddy* anyway, its nearing twelve thirty and i still have code geass to watch. sayonnara for now (note: i can't spell)