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Lol don't you love little girls who try to start stuff with you online for no reason?! it cracks me up seriously they try to act like their all touch and cool but their just showing how lame and immature they are rofl oh and then they want to add my avi to their page sayin im stupid and a b**** lmao! thought i'd share coz i think it's pretty amusing ^_^

Today at work was pretty suxy! One of my new friend's there just got fired today for such a retarded reason! her son was very sick so she called in yesterday to take him to the hospital, and they decided to keep him overnight, coz they thought he had pnemonia(sp?) and they told her yesterday that she might get fired because of it, well then today she had to go back to the hospital of course...and then they told her she was terminated and that she was already terminated for calling in yesterday, being 15min late one day and taking 1 vaca day! its stupid coz this other new guy is late 10-20 min every single day! and he's called in also and takin a vaca day but they didnt fire him! anyways i feel bad for her, her son does of pnemonia, she lost her job, she's getting a divorce coz her husband cheated on her, and her husband just gave away her house to his mom! Then i get told today im getting trained on a nother shifts work coz their "short" we've already got 3 ppl from my shift helping them which only leaves me doing our work by myself for 3-4 hrs, which puts us behind big time!!!! so now no one will be doing our work and we're going to get out later and later, our shift gets treated badly all the time, we're coming in super early to help 1st shift and the get off early! yet we have to work an hr late! how is that right?! then they were told today that they could take 30 min breaks unstead of 20min ones and we were totally ignored and blown off, so hehe we just took 30 min ones anyways! also they get paid an incentive for doing batches yet our supervisors say we cant get that since were on a diff shift! so we're getting paid less to do their work and work 2 shifts! lol sorry bout the super long vent but i had to get it out! its making me freaking mad!!! tired of being treated like s**t when i work 11-12 when im only scheduled to work 8 o_O

update time lol still workin at the lab thou i hate it and want something that pays alittle more with less drama also! my bff is preggo and is due in 2 months! i cant wait til little ashlynn gets here! mine and the bf's 3 1/2 yr is coming up in 2 months also hehe and my half bday razz we're thinking about moving i dont want to unless we get a house, so we're kind of thinking about gettign a house soon...maybe! im super excited about that biggrin we'll probably wait til next yr thou so hopefully we'll just stay were we're at! hmmm getting closer to getting my 1st car ^_^ it'll be a cheapy but hey i need something to get bk and forth to work! well thats bout all thats going on so far smile

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