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This is a story I'm working on called Jenifer.

One: Legends.

It was a beautiful night in the small town of Jenifer. Weird name, huh? Our founder was names Jenifer. After her old town was attacked by the German’s, they set off to found a new place to rest. They searched and searched, but nothing came up. One night, as they set up camp in the middle of the desert, Jenifer went for a walk; without her parents consent. The desert night was cold, and she was getting lost. She stumbled through the sandy desert for what seemed like ages.

Soon enough, something happened that she never thought would; she found a small village. She forced her legs to move towards it. It was really beautiful. Green with grass. Blue with water. And yet, there is desert scenery right behind her. She turned her head to look towards the sandy unknown desert. But what she saw wasn’t expected what-so-ever. The desert was gone. It was replaced by grass and a long lake. Something moved in the distance. She squinted her eyes and sighed with relief. It was her town.

‘’Oi!’’ Jenifer yelled, throwing her arms in the air.

The happy people ran to her, smothering with questions. She replied honestly and fully to all of their questions, a smile teasing her rosy lips. She was thirsty.

‘’Is there more people here,’’ a boy her age named Aizek asked.

Her face flushed, ‘’I didn’t really have time to look around. Sorry.’’

Her mother smiled, ‘’it is okay, darling!’’

That night, the people searched and searched, but found no one. The law of the 17 hundred’s clearly stated that if you found an empty town, you could claim it. And that’s what they did. Their flag had a red background with purple designs on it. The most interesting part was there is a black cat with his hair standing up on his back. Like he was hissing. That was unusual. The name of the town was Jenifer. After that young girl.


Tuesday June 12th, 12:12 p.m.

The day is going by way to slow. Way to slow. Very slow. To. ********. Slow. A lot of people jigged today. Since there’s only about… 2 weeks of school left (and the only thing we’re doing is revising everything we already know), people don’t see the point in coming. Why did I come do you ask? Because I have no backbone. My friends, that are not here, asked me if I wanted to join them in their quest to go to KFC. I had to say no, didn’t I? I just had to be a goody two shoes. She’s looking at me. I hate it when Mrs. Cornwell looks at me with her dark brown eyes. They looked… Empty. This woman was about in her thirties, was very beautiful. Something for the guys to stare at and something for the girls to envy.

Her perfect, flawless skin. Her nice, high cheek bones. Her slim and slender body. She might as well be a student. The only thing that makes her look old is her uniform. A light gray skirt (just above the knees), another light gray idem was her shirt. Luckily, a cute white vest with the light puffy shoulder… Things. I barely know anything about fashion. But I liked our school uniforms. My friend, Natasha, designed it after some Anime she watched. They were cute. A light blue skirt that’s about 4 inches above the knee’s (it was pulled up over the shirt to our belly buttons). A white long sleeved shirt covered with a little around the shoulder kind of thing. Anyway, Mrs. Cornwell looked at me again so I better put this away.

My hands placed my little crimson book away to safety. Maybe it’s time to fake a medical emergency. When she was safely seated, I walked up to her desk and held my stomach.

‘’Mrs. Cornwell.’’

‘’Yes, Jenifer?’’

‘’I think I’m having a reaction again,’’ I whispered.

She raised an eye brow and smirked, ‘’what else you got?’’ She leaned back against her chair.

‘’I’m done my work and I’m bored out of my mind.’’

‘’There it is!’’ She sighed deeply, ‘’a lot of people already jigged and I’m happy you didn’t. So you’re free to leave, Jenifer.’’

I smiled, ‘’thank you!’’

And with that, I made my way out of the classroom, a big smile on my face. Mrs. Cornwell was an awesome teacher. I was really going to miss her when I go off to college. Only two weeks left. I stopped dead in my tracks.

‘’Two weeks?’’ I whispered to myself.

How has it been so… Fast? The last thing I could remember was sitting down in my first class of my first year of High School. Renée, Christina and I swore to be best friends forever and never leave. That was bull. I kicked a can of V8 that was laying lazily on the hallway floor.

Renée was going to Phoenix, Arizona state for University. Christina got accepted to Newfoundland, Canada, while I go to Salem. Just about thirty minutes from Jenifer. I laughed to myself. The town had the same name as mine.

Of course, I was not born here. I originally come from Washington D.C. Its cold there compared to here. We’re a small town, population is about two hundred. This small town is also an island. If we needed to leave, a boat came back and forth every thirty minutes. Irritating. I let my feet drag themselves towards the parking lot, until I almost tripped over something. My arms quickly grabbed a pole and I looked down. A V8 can? That was just… Ironic. It’s probably just another can. I shook it off and made my way towards my Porsche 911 Turbo. My friends call it the Banana mobile, because it’s yellow. But they love to ride in it. It’s an expensive car made in Italy.

I sat down on the comfortable seat and adjusted the mirror. A gasp of shock escaped my lips at what I saw. A young girl, my age, with ripped clothing and dark brown hair. It was all messed up. I quickly looked over my shoulder, but no one was there. Not a single soul. I was afraid to look back in the mirror, but I wanted to know if it was just my imagination. I looked. No one. Imagination.

‘’God I need some rest,’’ I muttered pulling the car into reverse and backing up.

I pulled out of the school’s parking lot and made my way towards KFC. What I didn’t realize was a brown haired girl staring at my fleeing car.

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Faye Darkness
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