Espio hears all of the noise at the coliseum. He asks Nicole, the AI, what was happening. Before she could answer Espio sensed something. An old member of the Destructix, Lightning, has come to find Espio. Espio throws kunai's at Lightning. He catches them. "Your getting slow." Lightning says. Espio swiftly jumps and kicks at Lightning. "Alright, maybe not that slow" Lightning explains that he has left the destructix and is here on "clan business" Espio is confused. "The clan wars are over. The Bride of Four Houses rules us all now(The Iron Queen)" Espio is in disbelief. "Its the truth. She slew the Bride of The Rich Nights and took the Yagyu clan as her own. The others fell into place in short order." Lightning explained. "Lies! The Shinobi clan would never...!" Espio said. "I bring orders from the Bride of Constant Vigil herself. Orders she entrusted to me." He handed Espio the note. "But... Your not..." Espio stammered. "I am now. The Bride of the Conquering Storm saw the value in an agent already established in the region." Lightning explained. Nicole asks, "Espio, what is Lightning talking about? What Brides? What Clans?" she asked worriedly. "I... cannot explain." Espio said. "But why not? Maybe the Freedom Fighters can help?" Nicole asks. "No." Espio said. "I have been summoned. I must fulfill my new duties." Espip looks over at Sonic and Monkey Kahn zooming past. "Tell Knuckles I... Nevermind. Good bye, Nicole." Espio said and ran off with Lightning. "Espio-- wait! I dont understand!" Nicole exclaimed. "Master, do you read me? Sonic and that pretender to the throne are ahead of us and headed your way. Yes, I've made contact with Espio. We're on our way to Intercept." Lightning finishes.

What was all that talk about Brides and Clans?
Has Espio really turned traitor?
Come back next month to find out more!