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Area of Mass Destruction - Naito Style
As an evil entity, most of my posts will be controversial. Yeah, this journal is FULL of monologuing! Or will hopefully be. Also art updates, in the future.
Haha, I've been gone for years, I apologize. Okay, "years" is more like "months", but it might as well have been years. I'm working hard on my japanese, I'll probably switch over into the translation business after college and hope all goes well there. :3 Drawin'gs hard to do at all, really... X3;; but I might keep it up as a struggling hobby... XD;;

Cheers and beers, lovelies!

You know it
Happy Bling Bling!

And new year. and christmas. and not-just-yet-theapocalypse.

I'm going to hide. heart

Chibi Charity Auction
so, once again I defy logic by, instead of starting a commissions thread to help get my cutie avatar clothes, starting a charity commissions thread to which all the profits will be donated to random charities.

as seen here.

Starting to get a headache, though. <3 I'll grab a snack then get back to drawing. domokun whee heart

Oh no you didn't.
Oh yes, I did.

So it goes
Ponderation. Well, I'm not really interested in writing my views or anything right now, but today I had my first taste of the chatterbox. I was crushed in seconds. Not like flamed or anything, just I took a gander at the guidelines for the forum, and when I checked back, my thread was on page 10. I suppose that such is the way of the Chatterbox. I'll see about fiddling with roleplaying ideas and then checking out the RP forum(s).

Forewarning: If you can't handle any of these topics...
I don't like to waste my time with arguments. If you'd like to argue my stance on any of these topics, I suggest you not use up precious energy doing so, as they'll be ignored. My opinions are for me to keep, as are yours. This being my journal, I can talk about my opinions. I won't go arguing anything with you, so please do me the same courtesy; I don't see opinions as things anyone but oneself gets to decide. Thanks.

Brief Opinion Synopsis(for forewarning) --
Democrat | Pro-Life | Pro-Captial P | Iraq: Neutral | Pro-Food, housing, technology, and medication for third-world countries | Straight Edge | Pro-Free Will with the allowed intervention of Fate | Against Automatic Weapons & Drugs | Pro-Corn | Pro-Intermingling of American and Japanese styles and technology | Pro-Sweden | Won't Forget Poland | Pro-Aeris | Pro-WarmAndfuzzy | Pro-Mindless Destruction By Mythical Beasts | Pro-Cartoons & 3D coexisting | Pro-Equality | Pro-NonReligiousGayMarriage | Pro-France | Pro-SexyRussianAccents | Pro-SexyIrishAccents | Pro-Neutrality | Agnostic | Bisexual | Sitting Firmly In the Middle of the Left and Right Wings | Unlikely to form a whole sentence stating full certainty of any event or person she has yet to meet | enjoys writing lengthy rants pondering the motives behind historical figures of great evil | Personal Heroes: Franklin D Roosevelt, Deborah Harry, Andrew Carnegie

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