It was almost Christmas. I was cleaning my room.
So I just cleaned my table's drawers (It IS the general cleaning before Christmas.), putting every little thing into it's own place. Finding places for things that didn't have them yet. I remembered that I once read somewhere that on spring cleaning or so you should clean all of your stuff, thinking that your room is your own little world, your soul's mirror... Then I noticed that I'm crying. There were so many unneeded stuff, so many forgotten little toys, old sketches, pages, probably torn out of a diary (I have started lots of diaries, but never finished any lol xD)... I thought, if that's what my soul looks like, then I am truly ashamed. I looked through all of those belongings, forcing myself to throw away most of it. I had to throw away the stuff that was making me sick when I thought it was dear to me. It was not. I had to throw out all the sh*t that has been for a long time in my room and my drawers, in my soul and mind. The stuff that would stop me from being happy.
Now there is more place for new things. Things that I need, the ones I truly want. More space for the dearest of memories, more for new experiences.
You too should think about cleaning your mind and/or your room. For the sake of yourself, for the sake of a better life, or maybe even a new beginning.