So I don't understand how some people can live so absolutely close-minded.
There are people I know at my school right now that I can't stand because they think their Gods gift to the world.
They NEVER let themselves be wrong.
Now I know that nobody wants to be wrong, but admitting your wrong is so much better then trying to make every one else look like an idiot (especially when you really are wrong).
I mean how are they ever going to make it in life when they don't let them selves be taught (book and street) by others and the mistakes their supposed to learn from.
Stupid people.

Then there’s people that when they have you do something (teacher I have) its "since you all don't know how to take proper notes"
(What 11 years of school to be "re taught" how to ...learn, read and write?!?!?!).
It just pisses me off that people think that others aren't capable of even breathing without having their hand held.
I mean yea sometimes my friends and I act stupid and play around pretending we have no idea what 2+2 is (freaking smart friends I have by the way) but that’s PRETAND.
I in no freaking way need someone to explain to me where to staple my freaking paper every freaking day!!!!! (True story)