A drunken black beast

rages down the highway.

It is clumsy.

It is impossible to stop such a force.

A baron af astonishment,
of shame,
of emotion and hate.

This wicked past seems to return to my heart,

though it has been there all along.

I try, and try, and try ever so much,

but must one day or another accept the truth.

Family can hurt you,

and the pain goes with you everywhere.

The blood on the fingers of my family,

is all over the name of God,

but it is nothing that can be changed.

I must face this pain

and ease my way past it.

No matter how much it hurts or how many tears i shed,

it is in the hands of that that i do not control and cannot resist.

Therefore i must leave it up to this upper power,

to decide my fate...