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Evil will prefail because good is dumb

Alucard the dark one
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Drake Night
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Darkness see’s everything!

Drake's mother died giving birth, his father was from a mix of Romania and Germany so he thought Dracula would be the perfect twist name. His father hated him for taking away the only women he had ever loved. His father pushed him all his life as punishment and to make him stronger with his blindness. At the age of eight Drakes father was put in the hospital with cancer. Drake sat at his fathers bed side day in and day out in till a stranger knocked on the hospital room door and made Drake a deal, that his father would not die of cancer, age and nether would he if he became his servant. with not much choice Drake accepted and became not just a vampire or a demon but a mix between the two, a hybrid with uncanny skills and ability's. However his vision was unchanged. So with that Drake ran away, he lived off the grid

Age: 20
Height: 5'8
Weight: 157 pounds

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Ice Blue

Build: skinny with muscle
Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks: Has a blood red branded cross under his left eye, a mark of his deal to a demon
Character Description: <Clothes, striking features not listed.> Normally wears something dark and plain so not to be noticed
Sexual Orientation: Stright

Personality: He is very caring and wants/trys to help all his friends, but alot of time he can't get friends because he is so shy. when he does get close to someone he would put hiself in any danger to help or protect them. and when he gets to know people he is very laid back and nice.
Personal Goals: Drakes personal goals are to make and keep close friends, become the best fighter and weapon fighter ever, and to take out his revenge on anyone who does wrong.
Relationship Status: He is single and dosent have alot of dating experience, but he does fall in love from time to time just never really knew how to go about his feelings
Personal Skills: Drake is a perfect fighter and with every weapon even if he doesn't believe it, he can build or fix almost anything and is extremely good working with his hands. sings alittle but mostly just to himself, dosent really cook but has good ppl skills if anyone will talk to him

╞═♣Student/Teacher Information♣═╡
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|c σ м в α т • ∂ α т α|├▬

Race: used to be a human but when he made a deal with a demon he became something more, he became a vampire.
Racial Powers: was born with like any other human, until he made a deal with a demon at the age of 8, and for taking Drakes eyes the demon gifted him as a immortal, a Nosferatu a vampire.
Personal Powers: <What are the powers special to you> Not having sight the demon gifted Drake with supersonic hearing letting him be able to see but not see all at the same time. He is extremely flexible able to bend just about anyway you can think and he can move at powers faster than the eye can see.

• {Minimum of two}
• {Ex. Close combat, ninjutsu, etc.} One of the best at any kind of fighting or martial arts, weapon fighting. Can normally make anyone in a happy mood with his silliness. Can jump extremely high and talk his way out of almost anything. For some reason all animals he is around is drawn to him and likes him why he is not sure but they do.
• {Minimum of two}
• {Ex. Slower reactions, elemental weakness, etc.} He is a sucker for the ladys and for friends and it is extremely hard for him to say no to ether or. He also has a bad problem with backing down from a fight or challenge especially when someone has really pissed him off. Can’t truly see has no eyes and extremely loud noises like a church bell gives him headaches and makes it hard to find where he really is or collect his thoughts.
Fears: being alone when the end comes. Not having any friends or no one to help him, women’s purses ((sersly you can find crazy stuff in there!!!))
• {Minimum of one}
• {Ex. Dying alone, bugs, swimming, etc.}

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ω є α ρ σ η • ∂ α т α|├▬ <Copy and paste this for all the weapons you carry unless they are all the same then just specify the amount you carry. Max of 10>
Weapon Type: {Sword, spear, etc.} Katakana ((Japanese sword/ninja))
hidden wrist blade one on both wrists
Throwing knifes and stars.
Bo staff
2 three feet long machetes
45 caliber desert eagle.
Weapon Range: {Its reach. In inches/centimeters please} all are in a arms lenth or two in distance except for the desert eagle and throwing weapons
Weapon Weight: {How heavy it is. In pounds/kilograms please} varies from weapon
Weapon Location: {Where it is stored} normally stored in a locked box under his bed or for the bigger weapons in a secret compartment in his closet, except for at least on hidden wrist blade he wears everywhere. ((he is very paranoid))
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ι η ν є η т σ r у|├▬

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