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The Thoughts of The Strange
THis is where i pour all my strangeness out into the open, it's a magic place of complete randomness that usually makes no sense, and yet i feel compelled to tell you to look... at your own risk!
Epic Love Story.
At the start of the year 756 C.F. On the planet known as Garmutia, there was a celebration... The Royal Family finally had given birth to a son.
The were so jubilant over the event, that they decided then and there to place him under the watchful eye of the Forest Beast: Tresbog.
Tresbog was the God of the planet, as far as everyone knew, he had been there forever. Never another one of his race ever having been seen.
We will skip 18 years into the future. The year 774 N.R... Neiko's Rule. As a final act before being crowned King of the planet. He would have to choose a bride.
He found a young girl, he had actually found her several years before, and had fallen deeply in love with her. But, he knew the king would not approve...
He finally mustered his courage and told his father who he wished to make his bride, and his queen. And the king flipped out of his mind and called the royal guard to kill the poor girl.
Neiko found out about his fathers act, and went numb... falling into his own mind, unable to comprehend what had just occurred. He ran away from home, to the forest beast; where he was always welcome.
Tresbog was so stunned by the amount of hate, and pure coldness in the young prince's mind, and soul... That he instantly asked the boy for one wish... no matter what it could be.
The boy knew, that by simply bringing his lost love back, would not work... for the king would try again. And, if he got rid of his father, and brought the girl back, he would most likely fail as king.
So, instead; He cast down the entire planet. Wishing for the entire place to be imploded, but wanting to escape to somewhere new.
He wished for the death of his planet, but a means to escape to a place he had heard mention of before... Earth.
The great beast nodded, for he had predicted this fate many thousands of years before. He pulled an ancient spaceship, from before the great wars of the planets had destroyed the advanced race.
Only a few things remained, that no one could remember how to build.
But, he pulled it out of the great temple that lay behind him, and told the prince to get in.
Neiko hopped in, as directed, and then it took off... As he was flying through space, the cosmic energy released from the planet and entered his body, making him Immortal... and in a pot beside him. There was a single black rose.
He recognized it instantly, as one of the Immortal roses of legend. After a few hours, he became exhausted and laid down.
Upon awaking, he realized with a hint of fear, that he was facing a black hole. He knew he had to pass through it to get to the solar system Earth was in. So, he closed his eyes and hit the thrusters.
The black hole's energy caused him to collapse, and when he awoke again... the ship had appeared to have collapsed as well, onto a planet.
He checked the coordinates and saw that it was indeed Earth.
He then checked the calendar and saw that the year was 1473 A.D.
He wondered if he had been on a ship that long, or if the time was just different upon passing through the black hole.
Putting it out of his mind, he had to hide the ship... For he knew little about the race known as "Humans" Or how advanced they were.
He called upon the powers of his home world and banished the ship into nothingness, making sure to grab the rose off of the ship first.
He realized instantly that if anyone saw him, with the royal outfit on... That they would know he was different.
And, sure enough, a bunch of people came running at him as if to attack him... But then bowed at his feet and started chanting "Ra, Ra, Ra!"
The natural translating ability of the Garmutian peoples allowed him to hear what else they said. "Oh, great and wondrous sun god, Ra. We welcome you to our humble planet."
Neiko blinked, and then looked at the brilliance of his cloak and hair under the sun, and realized why the thought that.
He turned to them, and bowed graciously and spoke these words. "Oh, young children of the sun. I am afraid, that my time here has come short. I only came down to see how you were faring... I promise to forever help your people. But for now, I must say goodbye."
And promptly took off the other way.
That was but one of many adventures Neiko faced on this planet.
But, let us skip ahead to present times... The year 2009.
At the turn of the new year... Neiko felt a strange pulsing within the plant... And a strange tugging at his heart... to travel elsewhere within the world.
He had been to the States quite a few times, but had never really stayed in them.
Until now; walking around Philly was no joke, especially not dressed the way he had always been. He never looked a day older than when he left the planet, nor did he feel any older.
He had mastered every fighting style, weapon style, and even learned exactly how to operate every gun ever built.
He had connections everywhere...
So, he knew that anyone messing with him... would not even be able to live to regret it.
As he walked down the road, he saw a face.. it was only for a second... But he felt such power from it... that the rose started glowing.
He knew, then and there, that this was his true love... that he had to come all the way around the Universe to find... Why his planet had to be imploded.
The brilliant glow of the rose even dimmed the cape, and hair.
He took off in the direction of the face he had seen, and found the young lady... He guessed she was roughly 18, 5"2', and had dark brown hair.
He saw her walking into a few stores, and decided to watch her from a nearby cafe.
He did feel a little stalker-esque about it, but hardly cared.
After a few minutes, Neiko ordered some coffee, and then she came into the cafe.
(as was another power of the Garmutian's, known only to the royalty, though) Neiko changed how his clothes would be portrayed as simple ripped blue jeans, a studded belt, Black t-shirt, and a long sleeve grey shirt under it.
All the other tables were full, and Neiko was surprised he did not realize that before... She asked if she and her friend could sit down, and Neiko nodded and said "Certainly."
As they started talking, he sensed that her feelings towards him spiked quickly. He was greatly relieved by that knowledge, and then asked if he could talk to her alone.
She nodded, and they went outside and stood away from the crowd.
Neiko then quickly recited his tale to her, and was surprised when she believed him... and he changed his clothes back in front of her, and offered her the rose. She took it, and it instantly made her Immortal, and intertwined their souls forever.
As life goes on, love finds all... sometimes it departs, and sometimes it becomes an endearing tale that brightens the hearts, and minds, of many.

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