Whoever will read this, please no harshness.

Oh be still my heart, it yearns... longing for your approval. Turn my way and just one word, then I shall fall. Fall into a vast hole of stupidity, naiveness, and humility. When I awake and rise onto my feet, one single tear is shed. I flee away from your world, running far away from you. If only one was courageous enough to say something. To say what is in their hearts, desperately trying to escape the confined area someway; somehow.

Of course, I'm not writing this to you right now on Valentine's Day or any other day for that matter because I'm afraid. It hurts to be afraid and to see you everyday, walking past me as if I'm a white blank wall. I was colored with many angry and confusing colors before they were washed away once by the rain. No one knows what I'm really like, not even myself because many people have come up to me, the wall, with their blinding signatures before they were erased (memories were partially forgotten) by white paint. Then someone else comes along and sprays over the new paint.

You've made your mark. It hasn't been painted over yet. It's significant in its own history. As of right now, I am waiting for someone else to overwrite what you've done. I hate how you make me feel, especially when I can't help but keep you in my head. I want to move on, but how? You're always there...